Ask “why me” instead of “why me”

Thinking of going up against a major company? Do it.

Paul Graham @paulg has said the same. Search needs more work. Gmail isn’t all it used to be.

But if you have a big idea, it’s so easy to get the fear. Of looking stupid. Of failing. Of wasting some time.

I’ve spent years co-running a web agency and we’ve had heaps of ideas. After a few hours or days – even months – playing around with the idea, we ask “why us? Other people are bigger, better, more experienced…”.

That’s a valid question. You do need to know about the competition. But it’s the wrong question.

You need to ask “Why will we win” because then you’ll play to your strengths rather than spending 3 years trying to build gmail because you build the thing that matters to your customers. I.e. playing to your opponent’s strengths

So last year, we took the plunge.

There are many, many reasons why won’t succeed but every day I see more reasons why we will. I see why the collection of skills we have are weirdly unique, and when coupled with the fact that we carried on makes us more unique.

I’m not stopping any time soon. Nor should you.

This was triggered watching Paul Graham this this video.


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